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Welfare measures for teachers, other academics and non-academic staff

The University has a good range of welfare measures designed for the teachers and the non-academic staff of the University. Some of these are contained in the Statutes of the University and as such these are the legal measures available and on the other there are so many other practice based welfare measures being followed by the University. A brief description of all these is as follows:

A. Statutory provisions: Maternity Leave, Child Care Leave, Sick Leave, Paternity Leave, Study Leave etc. are contained in the Statutes and teachers of the University are entitled to the benefit contained in these provisions.

Similarly, non-teaching members of the university are also allowed to avail the similar facilities as per the contract of service.

B. Practice based: The University system, over the years, has developed certain practices which help the teachers and non-teaching staff to improve their individual as well as professional competence. These measures are of many types and some of these are enumerated below:

  • VC Welfare Fund- This fund has been created and it continuously grows through deductions from various types of remunerations and honoraria paid to teachers and others in a year. This fund is a great source of financial support for teachers and employees in times of unforeseen emergencies.
  • Mediclaim Facilities- Since there are no other medical facilities available in the University, there exists a provision of group mediclaim policy for the benefit of the teachers and employees. In the recent past many teachers and employees have been benefited by this arrangement.
  • Academic and professional growth- For this purpose teachers are permitted to attend the Orientation Programmes, Refreshers Programmes, Summer Schools, Winter Schools and FDPs etc. from time to time to enhance their professional competence. Further, teachers are allowed to present their research papers and to participate in seminars, conferences and workshops at National and International levels.
  • For the benefit of non-teaching employees many training programmes were arranged and the employees of the University were allowed to participate in various programmes related to e-tendering, GEM purchases and e- granthalay etc.
  • There exists a system of spontaneous voluntary support which results in great welfare for the members, of the University Community, in distress. It has been a practice amongst the teachers and employees of the University to financially contribute to the best of their capacity to help a member who desperately needs such financial support in times of medical emergencies. Though, it is not an official practice but it is so important that one can’t afford not to mention it in the list of welfare measures available for the University community.

Thus, the above mentioned systems of welfare for teachers and the employees are in place and exist in UOU.

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