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Pre-admission Counseling Services

Pre-admission counseling and induction of newly enrolled learners are the regular activities of the University and these activities are conducted at the University Headquarter, RCs and LSCs.
Induction programmes for Newly Enrolled Learners:Sometimes pre-admission counseling is arranged in the other institutions also. Pre-admission counseling includes the following:

  • In the month of July, every year series of pre-counseling meetings are arranged at RCs, LSCs and even in the intermediated colleges of the state.
  • In these sessions film prepared about the University is shown to those who are present in such meetings and thereafter, the representative of the University delivers a talk about the unique features of the University.
  • During these sessions literature of the University like, its brochure, pamphlets, annual report, news-letters and the prospectus are on display at the canopies erected outside the venue. The University’s representative are there to guide and interact with the prospective learners.
  • As a strategy of, to inspire and council the prospective learners the University identifies some intermediate colleges, and there such pre-counseling meetings are held with the students of class XII level and their teachers. The focus of the University is to inspire the class XII students to join Uttarakhand Open University either for some main-stream programme or for some diploma or certificate programme as Add-on Avenue of learning. Even the teachers of these institutions are motivated to join some programmes of the study to enhance their existing learning and knowledge.
  • Al head-quarter level apart from the sessions related to the pre-admission counseling, the meetings of the RCs and LSCs are arranged to share with them the strategy of the University in this regard.
  • In the existing other Universities of the State such meetings are arranged by the University to persuade the learners, faculty and the employees to join either some main-stream programme or some Add-on programme. This strategy has worked very well because some subject combinations are not available in that particular Universityand it motivates a certain number of learners to join the University. On the other many enrolled students of such other University get enrolled in the add-on programmes of diploma and certificate level of UOU. Another interesting trade emerged as a result of these pre-admission counseling sessions related to the teachers of these institutions. It is note-worthy to mention, for instance, that many teachers of the Commerce stream got enrolled for their MBA degree from UOU. Similarly, the subjects like Yoga, Computer Science, Social Works, Journalism, etc., attracts a large number of learners (students, faculty and employees of the other institutions).
  • Recently, a few years back, the system of provate examinations was stopped the State Government and a large number of learners who used to appear at the examinations of the other State Universities as private examinee, did not have the proper knowledge and guidance about the services, functions and processes of UOU. Concerted efforts were made the University to guide and council these learners and to clear the doubts whatever they had about the ODL system of learning. As a result the number of learners at UOU has increased to about 68,000 in a very short span of time.
  • Community radio of the University ensures that most of the programme coordinators deliver talks about their programmes of study. These talks actually acts as pre-admission council for the prospective learners who are tuned to the wavelength of community radio.
  • Articles in the news-papers are written for the befit of prospective learners and these articles are self-explanatory to clear the doubts and confusion about the ODL. In the same chain interviews by the Vice-Chancellor are given to news-papers editors/ reporters and these interviews contain a lot of pre-admission counseling material for the prospective learners.

Thus, the pre-admission counseling services of the Universityhave always resulted in many additional enrollments every year. It is also very relevant to add that the teachers of the University very cordially receives the calls of prospective learners even at odd-hours and while responding to their queries they persuade them to join the University. All these activities put together create a conducive eco-system for the prospective learners to obtain the information about the University and to clear doubts, if any.
Induction programmes for Newly Enrolled Learners:Induction Programs for newly enrolled learners have been a regular practice in some of the departments of the University since a long-time, but, recently these inductions programmes are arranged at the H.Q. and the RCs in a regular manner. These induction programme are carried out in a phased manner because in some of the programmes the number of students is large but in some other programme like Management Studies and Education, where the number of learners is limited these induction sessions are organized at H.Q. and at the Dehradun Campus of the University. For other programmes, induction programmes are conducted at the RCs as well. In these programmes academics of the University and the RDs tell the learners about the ODL system, role of SILM, counseling session, functioning of SIS, nature and importance of Assignments and about the facilities available in the University for the learners. Under the ODL system, the learners hardly gets an opportunity to interact with the academics in the University but UOU ensures such interactions atleast twice, i.e., once during induction programmes and again during special counseling sessions. It creates a sort of bond between the learners and the University and it is the beginning of a long lasting relationship between the two. Thus, the system of induction programmes for the learners newly enrolled is successfully continuing in the Universities.

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