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Mechanism of performance appraisal system, promotion for teachers, other academics and non-academic staff

  • The University has separate policies for promotion of teachers, academic consultants and non-teaching staff.  The personal appraisal based promotions of teachers are based on the UGC’s Regulations. The Executive Council of the University has adopted the latest regulation of UGC issued in the year 2018. Under this system the teachers concerned submit their self appraisal forms in prescribed formats. These are verified by the concerned Directors of different schools and later the meetings of Screening Committees take place as per the provisions of the UGC’s regulation.
  • Recently The Center for Internal Quality Assurance (CIQA) has developed a portal titled HRIS, which contains all the relevant academic information about the faculties of the University. Thus, it helps as a ready reference for submitting the performance appraisal. In this process the performance appraisal sheets of all the teachers are vetted by CIQA.
  • The performance appraisal system for the academic consultants is based on the process approved by the Executive Council of the University. As per this process, after the expiry of a tenure engagement of six months, the concerned academics fill-in their appraisal form, it is vetted by CIQA and verified the Director of the School. Finally the Vice-Chancellor decides whether to continue an academic consultant for another engagement of six months or not, based upon the recommendation of the Director. These decisions are later reported to the Executive Council.
  • Regarding the performance appraisal of regular non-teaching staff, rules of the Government of Uttarakhand apply and their appraisal contains a confidential report given by the officer in charge of the concerned non-teaching staff.
  • Regarding the performance appraisal of non-teaching staff engaged through outsourcing agencies the proforma for performance appraisal has been approved by the statutory bodies of the University. They fill-in their performance of a period of six months, it is verified by the concerned officer and submitted to the Registrar who decides about their continuance or otherwise based on the verification of their performance appraisal report.

Thus, the mechanism of performance appraisal/ promotion of employees and teachers is a well defined, approved and transparent policy of the University and the same is being followed for the purpose.

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