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Facilities for media production

Facilities for audio, video and e-content development are available and are in use at the Institution

Audio- video and e-Content production facilities:

  1. Audio / video studios
  2. Outdoor shooting equipment /Outdoor audio recording
  3. Post production unit / Editing unit
  4. Graphics workstation
  5. Set Scenic unit
  6. Make-up unit
  7. E-Platform
  8. Workstations with broadband connectivity
  9. Licensed software
  10. Uninterrupted web connectivity
  11. IT security system


S,No. Name of the audio production facilities Name of the video content production facilities Name of the e-content production facilities
1 FM Radio Studio  Video Studio Elearning Online Portal (
2 Transmitter Video Camera :Sony NX100(Full HD), Panasonic wih stand UOU Website:
3 FM Antenna MIC: Sony Lapple wired
4 Audio Editing Software : Soundforge  Studio Kit: Umbrella Video Light 4 Still Video Photography Portable Studio Kit CRS (
5 Audio Console. Studio Backdrop : Chroma Green Backdrop Background with Stand  
6 Microphone Telepromptor:Samvaad  
7 Studio Monitor Speakers Video Editing sw: Final Cut Pro  
8 Headphones Storage: External Hard drive for data Backup, NAS Storage  
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