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Frequency of updating of IT facilities

Uttarakhand Open University employs latest Information and Communication Technology in all the fields of education to enhance and optimize the delivery of information counseling to the learners. The University has a Datacenter located at its head-quarters in Haldwani.  The datacenter hosts University’s Web site, Intranet, Internet, Firewalls, Anti-Virus, Active Directory, DHPC, DNS, E-learning portal, Student support and Applications for the Regional Centers, LSCs and Students of the University. The SIS of the university automate the process of Admissions/re-registration, book Distribution, Exam (Admit card Generation, Marks-sheet generation, trans-script generation, degree related), Study Center Payment calculations,etc. Uttarakhand Open University has a portal for students (Admission/re-registration, Student One View, Exam, I Card & essential corrections) implemented with integrated payment gateway and OTP system.
University also has other related systems like CCTV, and Biometric Attendance System equipped with the latest technology. The campus is fully Wi-Fi and it provides 24 hours uninterrupted Wi-Fi internet access. A Video Studio is equipped with recording and video editing facility in the campus. The University has a dedicated 1 Gbps NKN internet connection with a 30 Mbps back up line.
University has adopted e-Granthalaya which is a digital platform developed by National Information Centre, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India for Government Libraries for Automation of in-house activities as well as member services and networking for resource sharing. e-Granthalaya is useful to transform traditional libraries in to e-libraries with digital library services and to provide various online member services using  a single window access system.
The Student Information System (SIS) is a fully computerized database where data related to students can be stored, retrieved, monitored and analyzed. The Student Information System of the Uttarakhand Open University maintains a record of 2 lakh students. SIS automates the process of admissions/re-registration, book Distribution, Exams (Admit card Generation, Marks-sheet generation, trans-script generation, degrees, etc.), Payment calculations of LSCs, etc. Uttarakhand Open University has a portal for students (admissions/ re-registration, Student One View, Exam, I-Card & essential corrections) implemented with integrated payment gateway and OTP system.
AMC arrangements are in-place with the providers and the University has the license for the same. As a result AMC is done on a regular basis. Regarding up-gradation of IT facilities at Head-quarter and Regional Center and LSCs, including website and online systems it needs to be emphasized that the University’s main software package is SIS (Students Information System) which manages all the smaller packages and systems including students one-view, online admissions, SILM distribution systems, store management, examination management etc. Since, it is an in-house software package, the maintenance and up-gradation is also done in-house as and when required say, whenever, the need arises to make a provision for some specific activity, the SIS is upgraded to include that functions as well. For example when the MPDD (Material Production and Distribution Division) was linked to SIS a provision for the same was created by upgrading the SIS of the University.
Through SIS, the data related to students is saved in one central location and can be accessed by multiple persons at the same time, provided they have the login credentials, which ensures the safety of the stored information. Through SIS, the University maintains information about admissions, examinations and other related matters pertaining to the students in a systematic and error-free manner.
To ensure that the IT infrastructure of the University is safeguarded, IT audits are conducted by the University at regular intervals. Through these IT audits, the University’s IT infrastructure, which includes the hardware and software systems, is examined, evaluated and updated to ascertain its efficient and effective use.
The website of the University contains the maximum information for the stake-holders and it needs to be updated quite frequently. The presentation of various themes, the arrangements highlighting or removing the obsolete information is a regular process and it is monitored by the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) cell of the University. Thus, the website is updated quite regularly.
Other than the head-quarters, the RCs are the main nodal points where the ICT facilities are used and the ICT system at RCs is linked with the University. Thus, whenever there is an updation at the head-quarter level the same is reflected in the systems of the RCs as well.
The LSCs have their own arrangements of ICT facilities and they are mainly the receivers of communication, software packages, etc., from the University so the updation at the LSC level is regularly monitored by the RCs as well as by the Director of Regional Services located at the head-quarters in the University.
The Uttarakhand Open University also has registration in e-procurement system (GeM and UK tenders) and manages its procurements and tenders through these portals. The e-procurement system adopted by the University has a number of benefits, as it increases competition, lowers transaction cost and minimizes time and errors in the bidding process as well. Hence, through the e-procurement system, the University has achieved efficiency in its commercial endeavors. 

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