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Online Admission and Related Activities

Admission in Uttarakhand Open University is allowed in online and offline modes. The online mode of admission is integrated with the website of UOU (, however, the offline mode of admission (based on Admission Form) is also very effective. All the admission forms, submitted in hard-copy format by the learners are collected by the respective LSCs. All the LSCs are provided with a Login I.d. and Password of the Student’s Information System (SIS). This SIS contains all the required information of all the Learners enrolled in UOU. Using their login i.d. and password all the LSCs are permitted to enter the data, of all those leaner who have filled-in admission form in hard-copy format, in the SIS. A date is decided to fill-in the entire data in the SIS so that the University may have detailed information of all the learners enrolled during a session. This includes the data of fresh learners and already enrolled learners. This online form also provides an option to upload all the required testimonials of prospective learners which are verified by the admission section before granting admission to a leaner.
Apart from the conventional programmes, there are some other programmes of study which have a provision of Entrance Test such as MBA, Special B.Ed., B.Ed (ODL) and Ph.D programmes. For these programmes the online form which is required to be filled-in by the applicants is also available in online mode only ( Using these online forms the applicants may fill-in the entrance test form and apply for any programme of study of their area of interest. Upon filling-in the form for entrance test all the applicants may also download their admit cards through online mode from the website of UOU only. Upon qualifying the entrance test, the eligible candidates are allowed to proceed with the admission process as detailed above.
Note: Detailed instruction and online admission can be accessed through the following URL:

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