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Transmission facilities at the Institution

4.2.7: Number of transmission facilities available in the institution as on date(5)
Name of  radio channel Frequency  Studio  (owned/ hired) Name of  TV channel
Hello Haldwani 91.2 Owned SWAYAMPRABHA
Details of technical staff      
S. No. Name of technical staff Designation  
1 NavneetMehra Technical Consultant (Data Processing)  
2 Vinay Kumar Tamta Technical Consultant  
3 Anil Nailwal Technical Consultant (Community Radio)  
4 Suneeta Bhatt Technical Consultant (Community Radio)  
5 Rakesh Papnai Web site Administrator  
6 Rajesh Arya Hardware Engineer  
7 Rajendra Goswami Computer Programmer  
8 Mohit Rawat Network Administrator  
9 Vineet Pauriyal Hardware Engineer  
10 Jitendra Kumar Dwivedi Computer Programmer  


  1.  Community Radio Station Gallery
  2. Electronic Media Production Centre


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For Administrative enquiries:

Uttarakhand Open University

Behind Transport Nagar, Vishwavidyalaya Marg,
Haldwani (Nainital) 263139 Uttarakhand

Toll Free : 1800 180 4025
Operator : 05946-286000

Admissions : 05946286002

Book Distribution Unit : 05946-286001

Exam Section : 05946-286022

Fax : 05946-264232