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Relevance of curricula planned, designed and developed/adopted


Curricula planning designing and its development is a very systematic process in Uttarakhand Open University. Before launching a Programme of Study the idea is conceived by the concerned Department in view of local, regional and global needs. It is properly discussed in the Departmental meetings, and later, the Department, seeks administrative approval of the relevant authorities to proceed with the preparation of PPR based on a feasibility study comprising field-surveys and discussions with various stake-holders. Thus, after preparation of the PPR (having all the elements as contained in Annexure IX of UGC (ODL) Regulations 2017), it is once again discussed at appropriate levels in the School and with the other authorities of the University. After clearance in these initial stages a meeting of the Expert Committee is called. It is followed by the BOS and ultimately approval/ modification/ rejection takes place in the meeting of the Academic Council of the University.
Thus, the curricula planned designed and developed has close relevance to local, national, regional and global needs, say, in the subjects like History, Geography and Botany, local aspects are always included. In the other subject-disciplines local, regional as well as national aspirations are taken care-of. The course-contents do not aim at providing information rather the ultimate aim of the curricula and the pedagogy is to equip a learner with the necessary skills to master a particular subject and to be able to become either decently self-employed or employed in the prevailing socio-economic scenario of the region as well as that of the nation.
The course contents are designed in such a manner that it contains learning outcomes in every block of the material. These blocks are further subdivided into smaller units having specific learning outcomes of the particular unit of a block. The SILM (Self Instructional Learning Material) is developed in the two way communication format wherein a teacher appears to speak from within the lines of the printed material. This material is available in the e-format as well. So a learner may go in for the e-format and if he/she prefers to accept the on-line material, a concession of 15% in fees is also allowed to such a learner. This SILM either in the print form or in the online format is further supported by the video lectures, wherein specific attention is paid to match the learning with the learning outcomes as defined in the beginning of a course of study. The University has recently started online counselling in the Department of Management Studies to further strengthen the counselling, learning and their association with learning outcomes.
Where, the material is adopted or adapted from some other University, suitable changes are introduced under permission from the University which allows its material to be used after getting it reprinted as per requirements of the user University ,i.e., Uttarakhand Open University.
Thus, in all the cases, curricula planned, designed, developed and adopted/adapted is linked to programme outcomes, local, regional, national and global perspectives and it aims to develop the overall understanding of the learner while enabling them to learn the required skills which help them later in their career and lives.
N.B.- The syllabus of all the programmes of the University, all the PPRs, Minutes of the BOS, and Academic Council are appended as supporting documents by way of weblinks. Mapping of Curricula and Programme Outcomes are elaborated in the PPRs for different programmes of study.

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