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Dispatch of Study Material to Learners

In the ODL education system, dispatch of SILM to learners has always been a crucial issue and the institutions follow different strategies for this purpose. It has been the experience at UOU that a single strategy does not serve the purpose so a mix of different strategies is followed to ensure the timely delivery of SILM to the learners located in different locations.
Initially UOU used its own vehicle and took the services of a reputed courier agencies to deliver the material in different locations. Later some problems were encountered in the bulk delivery of SILM as many recipients failed to receive the material on time. It resulted in the revision of strategy and presently the University follows only two modes of delivery of SILM, i.e., BNPL (Book Now Pay Later) service of Indian Post and the services of a courier agency have also been taken. Thus, the locations which are not covered by one provider are covered by the other provider and the two complement each-other to ensure the delivery of SILM to learners.
Apart from the above, if a learner finds it convenient to collect the SILM from the University’s head-quarter is also permitted to get the material issued from the issue section of MPDD. Presently, the entire system of issue of SILM is automated, and the issue is followed by a SMS alert to the learner so that the learner knows that the material has been dispatched by the University and he/she can track it on his/her own.
Application Software for MPDD (Material Production and Distribution Department) is also developed In-house by Uttarakhand Open University. This application is hosted on the intranet of University’s headquarter at Haldwani. The objective is to automate the process is of MPDD (URL: The system incorporates modules for management of inventory of SILM (Self Instructional Learning Material), issuing of SILM and reporting etc. The module developed for the MPDD department has the following work flow:

  • Bar codes of each book are generated.
  • The parts of the books against subjects are inserted in the software using barcode reader.
  • Inventory related information is maintained using purchase order, Receive order, issued books and returning books.
  • SILM is issuedby scanning bar-code.
  • SMS are sent to the learners at various points, during the movement of SILM in University and outside (Postal/ by hand) during the process of issuing the SILM.
  • The issued SILM can be tracked using a speed post tracking number (available if books are posted by India post).
  • The information related to SILM is also available for students in student one view
  • Reporting tool for issued SILM, remaining SILM, student’s address, inventory etc. are available.
  • In addition to the above if a learner still fails to receive the material and lodges a complaint with the University, the University, notwithstanding the fact that the material has already been issued, issues fresh set of SILM. Though, such a practice only in special cases.

During the period of natural disasters when the learners lose their material in substantial quantities, the University extends its helping hand by re-issue of SILM (free of cost) to the learners of such affected areas (it was followed in the year 2013 when the in-famous Kedarnath tragedy took place).

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