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Gender sensitivity at work place

Uttarakhand Open University follows a policy of appropriate sensitivity with regard to gender in the University campus. The environment created in the University is such that females get the maximum opportunity to participate in the various functions, events, and activities of the University. The common environment is that of co-workership wherein utmost mutual respect is ensured. In order to ensure such an environment the following arrangements with regard to the provisions of internal administration has been ensured :

  1. Safety and Security at the Workplace : Regarding safety and security at the work place all the suitable arrangements like provision of security guards, restricted entry in the University campus, CCTV cameras, separate female toilets, etc. have been ensured. Thus, all the suitable arrangements of safety and security have been made.
  2. Sexual Grievances Redressal Committee : The University has the provision of redressing sexual harassment related grievances in a proper manner. For this purpose, a sexual harassment redressal committee is in existence, since a long time. This committee includes the female teachers, female officers of the University and the female employees of the University. In case any complaint related to sexual harassment at workplace is received, this committee starts proper investigation and the complaint is redressed to the satisfaction of the complainant and as per the provisions of the rules.
  3. Major Responsibilities for Female Members : The female members of the University are assigned important and critical responsibilities, so that they feel themselves to be an active part of the University’s functioning. Female members are assigned the important responsibilities in examination, research, inspections, convocations and at other important occasions. They visit the learner support centres and examination centres exactly as the male members discharge these duties.
  4. Facility of Creche : The University has the facility of creche and restroom and as such young children can be kept in the creche while their mothers work in the campus. Many toys and playing arrangements have been made to keep the children happy and engaged.
  5. Special Facilities for Divyang Female workers : The University has facilities of wheelchair and ramps for the divyang female employees of the University. At the moment one such employee, Ms. Nirmala has been provided with a wheelchair and she was permitted to take part in various sports events in India and abroad. Thus, the University has provisions for divyang female employees of the University and it goes a long way in ensuring gender sensitivity at work place.

Accordingly, the University has suitable provisions, arrangements and systems to ensure gender sensitivity in the University. The documentary evidences related to gender sensitivity as weblinks.


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