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Formative Assessment

Standard Operating Procedures employed for continuous (internal) assessment followed by the Institution      

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The systems prevalent in the Uttarakhand Open University make it mandatory to frame policies, develop programmes and follow the practices in accordance to the notion of ‘reaching the unreached’, ‘education at the door-step of the learners’,‘life-long learning’ and education for those who could not pursue their routine of education through the formal system of education.
The Uttarakhand Open University is continuously striving to build an inclusive society through inclusive educationand it is working hard toincrease the Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) by offering various programmes in the remotest areas of hilly terrains of the State of Uttarakhand.Today, University is working for the local as well as national aspirations of over 70 thousand students of Uttarakhand and the other states.
The University is committed to continuously evaluate the educational and allied activities during the implementation stage itself. It also strives to evolve functional strategies for the incessant correction and upgradation of education programmes and educational policies.
Concerted efforts are made to find out the hindrances, shortcomings and problems during the implementation and execution of the policies, programmes and practices. Once these difficulties are identified, efforts are made to solve them during their implementation and execution.
The University formulates policies, develops programmes and follows practices keeping in mind the direct stakeholders.The Uttarakhand Open University Act 2005, its Statutory provisions, and University Ordinances empower the University to constitute various cells, units, committees, working groups, divisions, sections, Departments, Schools, task forces for the betterment of the sub-systems of the entire system for the benefit of concerned stakeholders.
It is pertinent to mention here that the collective efforts of all these cells etc. succeed in generating the required ‘Synergy’ forimprovement of the functioning of Uttarakhand Open University. At present the efforts associated with formative assessment are being performed at various levels and in various sections of the University.
In order to sync the formative assessment with continuous assessment, the University has the inbuilt system wherein the process of formative assessment continues unabated. The major processes are as follows:

  • Assignments – Assignments are the most important constituent of formative assessment in a variety of ways, e.g., the assignment questions are framed in such a manner that the learners need to consult their counselors and peers.These are different from the questions appearing in the term-end examinations and the evaluated scripts are shown to the learner after evaluation. Thus, learners get to know the shortcomings, if any. It results in the improvements in the efforts of the learners.
  • Video lectures- The University has a repository of video lectures recorded by the teachers of the University and either the subject-experts. The learners are advised to go through these lectures and learn the basic tricks and techniques of improving their performance in the examinations.
  • Instructions to paper-setters- The University sends clear instructions to paper-setters regarding the level of knowledge expected from the learner of that particular programme and the programme specific outcomes are also sent to the paper-setters to enable them to include the questions of a particular level only. It helps in real assessment of learners.
  • Quizzes, cases and case-lets: The SILM of the University contains quizzes, cases, case-lets and test your knowledge type exercises to ensure the formative assessment of the learning carried out by the learners. During special counseling sessions all these three are administered to the learners and through continuous practice, again and again, the assessment continues and the improvement in the performance of learner is also recorded.
  • Community radio- The community radio of the University continues to air the programmes which help the learners in improving their understanding/ performance. Sometimes,basic tips are told to the learners in a manner of simple and interesting talks aired on the community radio.
  • Virtual counseling- The University conducts virtual counseling in the some of the programmes and these sessions provide an opportunity to the learners to continue with their leanings and to clear their doubts regarding the topics discussed in virtual counseling. It helps the learners to improve their understanding of the subject.
  • Alumni association- It is a very important forum, which gives feedback to various Departments regarding improvement in the procedures being applied for formative assessment and, thus, the process gets improved and strengthened.
  • Feedback system- The learners, as well as the other stakeholders, are told to submit their online feedback. Through these feedbacks the process of formative assessment continues to grow and mature.

Thus, standard operating practices are specifically designed to maximize the efforts associated with the formative assessment at various levels and stages. It is extensively used for making the teaching- learning more effective by applying the newer methods, approaches, techniques, strategies, models and modules. It is noteworthy that the formative assessment is embedded in the routine learning process followed by the University.

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