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Institution integrates crosscutting issues

Institution integrates crosscutting issues relevant to Gender, Environment and Sustainability, Human Values, Emerging Demographic changes and Professional Ethics in the curricula-

The cross-cutting issues like gender, environmental sustainability, human values, emerging demographic changes andprofessional ethics etc., find sufficient space in various programmes offered by the University. Some sample courses are- Disaster Preparedness and response, Sustainable Development in Hill Areas, Environmental Health and Natural Hazards, Human Resource Management & Industrial relations, Gender School and Society,etc.The curriculum designed by the university for its various popular certificate/diploma/ graduate/ post graduate programmes does include many aspects of environmental sustainability, human values, demography, gender, etc.

In order to increase awareness about these cross-cutting issues, the University initiated a course on ‘Gender School and Society’ in its Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) programme. Environment plays an important role for all of us and it ensures a healthy life for people. It matters a lot because it is essential for human beings. In this regard,therefore, the University has designed curriculum for environmental sustainability in diploma, graduate and post graduate programmes. Such courses of study are-

  • Sustainable Development in Hill Areas (MA- Sociology)
  • Air pollution and Control Technologies, Water and Waste Water Treatment Technologies, Environmental Health and Natural Hazards (MS- Environmental Science)
  • Environmental Studies (BA- I Year)
  • Common Herbs- Introduction and Utility (BA- II Year)
  • Forest Products & Utilization, Forest Protection, Environment & Ecology, Plantation forestry (B.Sc. Forestry)
  • Tourist Heritage of Uttarakhand (BTTM)
  • Risk Assessment and Vulnerability Analysis, Disaster Preparedness, Disaster Response, Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Recovery (PG Diploma- Disaster Management)

The values, which are considered the basic inherent values in humans include truth, honesty, loyalty, love, peace, etc., are included in the following courses on human values-

  • Extension and Communication for Community Development (MA- Home Science)
  • Community Nutrition (BA- Home Science)
  • Hygiene, Diet, Nutrition and Public Health (Diploma in Public Health & Community Nutrition)
  • Yoga Education (BA- Yoga)
  • Ethical Values (BBA and MBA)

Demography is very useful for understanding social-economic problems and identifying potential solutions. The University has included one course on Demography in Master of Economics, which focuses on the demography of state/country.Good Ethics is a fundamental requirement of any profession so ethical issues have been incorporated as individual courses of study in BBA and MBA both. For the development of well-defined professional ethics, the University has included several other courses in various programmes, say

  • Human Values and Ethics (BA- II Year)
  • Social Case-Work and Counseling, NGO’s Management, Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations, Labour Welfare and Legislation, Medical Social Work (Master of Social Work)
  • Consumer Protection (BBA)
  • Entrepreneurship Development (BTTM)

Thus, the cross-cutting issues as mentioned in metric 1.3.1 have been incorporated as independent programmes and as courses of study across the vast body of programmes and courses of the University at suitable places and the University ensures to equip the learners with these issues of national and global importance.


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