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Governance in accordance with Mission and Vision

The University has its Vision and Mission statement duly approved by the statutory bodies of the University. The University make all the efforts to achieve the Mission and be close to the guiding phrases as given in the Vision statement of the University. The University has all the statutory bodies which meet regularly and take decisions in order to achieve the Mission of the University. The following may be enumerated in this regard:

  • The Planning Board: The Planning Board of the University is a prime body which takes decisions about different types of planning say, academic, infrastructural (including human resources and organizational), and financial. While taking decisions related to planning in the above mentioned areas the purpose of the planning board is to reach in all the corners of the state which is the contention of the mission statement of the University. In view of the difficult topography of the State and to ensure convenient management, the Planning Board recommended the creation of a Campus at Dehradun which facilitates the learners, LSCs and RCs located in Garhwal division of State. Similarly, many other such decisions have been taken by the planning board to achieve the mission of the University in view of its Vision statement.
  • Other Statutory Bodies of Governance: The other statutory bodies of governance like Finance Committee, Research Advisory Council, Board of Studies, Recognition Board, Academic Council and the Executive Council also meet regularly and take decisions regarding new programmes of studies, new locations to be covered, financial incentives to be given to different stake-holders, decisions to ensure the convenience and ease of learners, and the decisions related to policies related to all these areas are taken in these bodies of University, for example, decision regarding the fee-concessions for use of e-SILM, to war-widows, to differently abled persons, etc., are taken in the finance committee. Similarly, decisions related to counseling sessions and facilities at the LSCs are taken in the Recognition board. The Board of Studies and the Academic Council deliberate upon many such issues which ultimately help to add the number of learners in the University and to maintain the quality of learning. The Examination Committee and the Admission Committee also ensure the maximum convenience for the learners, to ensure their increased participation in the University, for example, online admissions have been permitted and all the functions related to examination have been made online including the issuance of the transcript and uploading the degrees on the portal of NAD. These decisions have led to convenience to learners and spread the word of mouth positive publicity about the University amongst the people of the State. Adoption of villages is yet another decision of similar nature. Eventually, the recommendations/ decisions of all the other statutory bodies are discussed in the Executive Council which is the supreme governing body of the University.

Thus, the governance in UOU has always been directed towards the Vision and Mission of the University.
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