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Facilities at Institution Headquarters, Regional Centres and Learner Support Centres

Infrastructural facilities available at the University include the following:

  • Administrative Block
  • Academic Block
  • Storage and Dispatch Section
  • Library and Reading Room
  • Video Laboratory
  • Community radio
  • Seminar rooms
  • Storage hall for SILM (MPDD)
  • Examination Control rooms and storage rooms
  • Miscellaneous (Open ground, green campus, parking, generator room, canteen etc.)

Since the University is funded by the State Government, all the proposals related to construction of buildings in the campus depend upon the permission as well as funds from the State. Even if the University proposes to carry out construction from out of it’s own surplus funds, the procedure and policy shall remain unchanged, i.e, unless technical permission from the state is received, no construction activity can be started. Even at the moment some proposals of the University (Science Labs, Guest House, VC residence etc.) are pending for clearance at the level of the State Government.
Even under these circumstances, the University has a fairly good constructed area and most of the conveniences have been developed in the campus. The infrastructural facilities available within the University can be classified into three categories, say facilities at the headquarters, Dehradun Campus, 08 Regional Centers (RC) and at Learner Support Centers (LSC). The nature of facilities also varies at all the above mentioned places, e.g., at the LSCs, maximum facilities relate to counseling, practical classes, first tier advisement and guidance, but at the RCs the facilities are of a different nature. Accordingly, RCs need to organize the meetings of LSCs and they keep monitoring the work done at the LSCs with the help of ICT facilities. On the other, the maximum facilities are available at the headquarter campus of the University.
Apart from the above facilities, basic orientation of the functional facilities in the University is at the learners, say related to admission, dispatch of SILM, creation of audio-video lectures, grievance redressal cell, library support, online counseling, alumni cell, help desk etc. All these are focused to provide good quality of learner support. Similarly, in order to ensure the convenience of the learners, in addition to RCs and LSCs, a campus of the University has been developed at Dehradun. This campus sorts out the problems of all the above stakeholders locally and they do not have to come all the way from that region to Haldwani.
The ICT facilities of the University are really good and as such similar initiatives are expected from the RCs and LSCs . As a result of this peculiar orientation the use of ICT in the University and it’s RCs as well as LSCs is of a high order. The University has anindigenously developed programme, SIS which has information and support mechanism for the all the functions related to online admission, recording of online data of offline admissions, issue of SILM, uploading of assignments, monitoring of LSCs and RCs and the finance functions are embedded in SIS. It is updated as and when required. Thus, facilities at the headquarters, RCs and LSCs are comparatively much better and all these are directed towards the facilitation of various functions related to learners. 

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