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Examination related Grievances

The procedure, system and options for resolution of examination related grievances are enumerated below:

  • The University has an online link on the University’s home page, namely Register your complaints/ queries in the students corner. Using this link a learner can raise a query regarding any issues including examinations. Any learner can use the online grievance system to report the problem. The query raised by the learner is assigned to the concerned person for its resolution
  • The University has constituted a committee to address examination related grievances for special cases. The committee also deals with scrutiny related issues. Any learner can approach the University through proper channel, i.e.,through the Registrar of the University, for any grievance. The grievance is forwarded by the Registrar’s Office to the concerned Section and the issue is resolved by the concerned authority.
  • Examination section has an email id using which learners can send their queries regarding examination at this id directly. Considering the nature of the query, the related concerned person resolves it.
  • Learners can also raise grievances regarding any issue including examinations through UGC’s portal and through Samadhan Portal which are forwarded to the University for resolution. Till now, the University has resolved 87.5% (14 out of 16) of the cases lodged on the UGC’s portal.
  • Further, the learners have some other options to resolve their grievances related to examinations,say
    1.Applying for scrutiny
    2.Obtaining copies of their answer books and represent

The detailed process of the above is as below:

  • Scrutiny leads to addition of the left-out marks in the answer script or evaluation of any question which is left unchecked. Learners may apply for scrutiny by paying Rs. 100 per paper. An examinee can get a maximum of two papers scrutinized. If, after scrutiny, the score of a candidate increases by 10%, the same will be reflected in the marks-sheet. However, if marks are reduced then the previous marks will be retained.Students willing to opt for scrutiny can apply for scrutiny of the answer books within 1 month after the declaration of final result.
  • Some of the learners are not satisfied with the evaluation of their answer sheets and they have the option to obtain the certified xerox copy of their evaluated answer sheets. After studying the pattern of evaluation, if the learner is still dissatisfied, he/she may submit a representation to the Controller of Examinations who reviews it and seeks advice from the subject-experts. Still, if it appears that there are some irregularities in the evaluation, the COE may with the permission of the Vice Chancellor appoint the new examiner to evaluate the said answer-sheets. After the second evaluation if substantial variation in marks appears the benefit of new marks is given to the learner.

Thus, in Uttarakhand Open University there exists a proper system of resolution of grievances related to examinations.

For Administrative enquiries:

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