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People : Dr. Manjari Agrawal

Name: Dr. Manjari Agrawal
Designation: Assistant Professor
School : School of Management Studies & Commerce, Management
Qualification: M.F.C, OLDE, Ph. D
Phone : 05946286054
Email : [email protected]

Teaching Areas: Finance, Capital Market, Working Capital Management, Financial Modelling and Strategic Management

Research Areas : Securities Market, Distance Learning and Investments

Publications : 

  1. ‘Food Retail in India- Its Growth Perspectives’ Published In Volume VII ACME February 2009 Issue.
  2. ‘Creating Opportunities of Infrastructure Growth through Dedicated Infrastructure Funds’ Published In BJMR Journal April 2009 Issue.
  3. ‘Capital Market that Benefits Investors-Reshaping our Investment Climate’ Published in Bizcraft Journal, Sept08-Feb 09 Issue.
  4. ‘Environmental Finance–Churning Towards Socially Responsible Investments’ Published in Bizcraft Journal January, 2010.
  5. ‘SEBI’s Ombudsman: Harbinger of Hopes’ Published in ACME, February, 2010 Issue.
  6. “The Managerial Women- Creating Niches on their Own” at the National Seminar organized at Hindu College, Moradabad.
  7. “Indian Pharmaceutical Industry on Global Map-Role of Government” in national seminar at SRMS, Bareilly.
  8. “Micro Finance Providing Livelihood to Poor in India” in the national seminar at LBS, Bareilly .
  9. “Challenges to Indian Management Education” in the national seminar, Manthan-2006 at Amrapali Institute , Haldwani .
  10. “Retail Industry in India in the Era of Globalisation”, in the national seminar, Manthan-2007 at Amrapali Institute, Haldwani.
  11. 'Rise of Indian MNCs in the era of Globalisation’ in the national seminar organized by SRMS, Bareilly on 24th and 25th Feb, 2007.
  12. ‘Environmental Finance–churning towards Socially Responsible Investments’ presented at National seminar organized by COER, Roorkee held on 5th April, 2008.
  13. ‘A Study on the Scope of NGO’s in promoting Quality Education through Open Learning Communities in the Region of Uttarakhand’ in the National Seminar on Professional Education: Quantity Vs Quality at Amrapali Institute, Haldwani held on 21-22 November, 2008.
  14. Distance Learning and Women Education in Uttarakhand: A case study of Uttarakhand Open University in the National Seminar on Women Education organised by Gokul Das Girls Degree College, Moradabad held on 12th Feb, 2011

For Administrative enquiries:

Uttarakhand Open University

Behind Transport Nagar, Vishwavidyalaya Marg,
Haldwani (Nainital) 263139 Uttarakhand

Toll Free : 1800 180 4025
Operator : 05946-286000

Admissions : 05946286002

Book Distribution Unit : 05946-286001

Exam Section : 05946-286022

Fax : 05946-264232