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People : Dr. Dinesh Kumar

Name: Dr. Dinesh Kumar
Designation: Associate Professor & Coordinator
School : School of Education, Education
Qualification: PhD
Phone : 05946286076
Email : [email protected]

Dr. Dinesh Kumar is working as an Associate Professor School of Education at Uttarakhand Open University in Haldwani Distt –Nainital . He has to published  78 research papers in National and International Journals with UGC CARE Journal list, Two  National seminars have been organized in Uttarakhand Open University and 79 Research  papers presented National /International seminars. 105 units  and 07 books edited in School of Education, UOU campus Haldwani.  His work area of Specialization/research fields are Teacher training, Teacher Education, Sociological bases in Education and Research Methodology in Education. He is the members of BOS, academic committees, Coordinator. Present He is the Director Incharge, Uttarakhand Open University, Campus Dehradun Uttarakhand.

Research field: Teacher Education, Teacher Training, Sociological  & Research    Methodology in Education.     

Research Papers- 78 Research  Papers National & International Journal.
 Publication (Other than Research Papers/Books):-
Kumar,Dinesh.(2013). “B.Ed. Shikshak prashixnarthio ki shixann Abhichamta, Abhibratia tatha shixann vayavsay ke prati  vachanbadta evam samparn sathar ka adhayan” Meerut: Lal Book Depot National, ISBN-978- 93-81466-34-6 P-1-124.
Kumar,Dinesh.(2013). Environment Education and Natural Disaster” Meerut: Anu Book, National, ISBN-978- 93-82116-12-2 P-1-104.
Kumar,Dinesh.(2013). “Educational Research Analysis” Meerut:Anu Book,National, ISBN-978-93-8216630-6 P-1-280.
Kumar,Dinesh.(2013). Teacher Education” New Delhi:Indu Book Service,National, ISBN-978-93-86754-40-0 P-1-317.
Kumar,Dinesh.(2013). Bharat Me Aarakshan ek Sanvedhanik Pravdhaan” New Delhi: Indu Book Service, National, ISBN -978-93-86754-39-4 P-1-122.
Edited Books: School Of Education,Uttarakahnd Open University Haldwani = 07 edited Books
Seminar & Conferences:
National and International=78
Research Projects Completed-Kumar,Dinesh.(2012) A comparative study         of   BTC & BTCS       trained Primary school teacher in   the reference    to their attitude   towards   teaching profession,      work motivation, job satisfaction & job involvement”New Delhi:UGC.
Research Guided: 03 Awarded, 04 under supervision.
Video Lecture: 12
Radio Talks: 03
Orientation: 01
Refresher Course: 05
FDP (Faculty Development Program):07
Memberships :-    IATE.Allahabad,  M.9,  Date- 4-11-2006
Indian Education Research Journal Lucknow, M. 4109,  
Shikha Chintan  Kanpur. M. 526, Date- 8-2-2011       
Shikha  mitra Agra, M.410 Date- 17-3-2011
shodh Dhara jaLOn,M.93 Date-15-5-2012
Mugha Meruttee, M. 637 Date- 30-4-2011
Global Educational Research association Punjab, M-379 
Date- 22-3-2016
( life membership For all)

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