Study Center

Study Centre Name: Jamia Islahul Banaat | Code 12010
Address: Mohalla - Toli, Mang Manglour Town,
Disst Haridwar
MANGLOUR TOWN, Uttarakhand
Phone: 01332-223297, 919358940055, 919458148995
Email: [email protected]

List of Programmes Offered :

Code Programme Name
BA-17 Bachelor of Art
BCOM-17 Bachelor of Commerce.
CRTI-17 Certificate in Right to Information
CWDD-18 Certificate in Web Designing & Development
DRTI- 17 Diploma in Right to Information
MAEC-17 Master of Art – Economics
MAED-17 Master of Arts in Education
MAEL-17 M.A. English
MAHI-17 Master of Art – History
MAHL-17 M.A. Hindi
MAPA-17 Master of Art – Public Administration
MAPS-17 Master of Art – Political Science
MASL-17 M.A. Sanskrit
MASO-17 Master of Art – Sociology
MAUL-17 M.A. Urdu
MCOM-17 Master of Commerce